Cloud native applications that are more secure, more flexible, and more fun

Use the power of WebAssembly to build delightful software faster, without compromising security, performance, or developer experience.
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    "I'm convinced that server-side Wasm is the new generation of Web Services, however it's not as easy to set up as Java or NodeJS. Atmo solves this problem by making it straightforward to package polyglot web services (Rust, Swift, AssemblyScript, etc) and serve them on all platforms (SaaS and on-prem). Thanks to the Runnable SDK, it has never been easier to develop Wasm functions"
    Phillipe Charrière - GitLab
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    “WebAssembly (server-side Wasm in particular) has the potential to change software in the same way Docker, DevOps, and Javascript did for the current generation. Suborbital and their Atmo project are taking full advantage of Wasm, creating a shift in how we build secure software and infrastructure”
    Jason Warner - Redpoint, prev. GitHub
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    "Suborbital enables applications to have powerful extensibility without compromising security. Atmo’s capabilities-driven architecture, built around the WebAssembly sandbox, ensures that user-supplied code only gets the least amount of privilege it needs. It's a safe and secure way to empower customers and partners so they can quickly take new solutions to market - on your platform."
    Mrinal Wadhwa - Ockam
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    “Suborbital is the best kind of good idea - obvious in hindsight, but hard to pull off well. How many platforms that you use daily would be better with the ability to customize them directly? Suborbital can turn any product into a functions as a service platform, and that will unlock a whole host of new opportunities.”
    Adam Jacob - System Initiative, prev. Chef

Transform your SaaS product into an extensible developer platform.

Suborbital Compute is a SaaS extension engine that runs user functions within your application so developers can build powerful integrations and event-driven workflows.

Powering the next evolution of cloud computing

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Open source in action

Suborbital runs on Atmo, our OSS server application environment. Using the unique performance and security properties of WebAssembly, Atmo allows developers to build and scale powerful applications by composing serverless functions using an expressive declarative format, and deploy them easily.
“Suborbital Atmo brings declarative development to the application level, making cloud native application development with WebAssembly super simple. Atmo is combining Kubernetes and Wasm to create a more secure application framework”
Mark Boost, CEO Civo Cloud
“WebAssembly represents the future of cloud-native computing, and with Suborbital’s Atmo and Reactr projects, they are leading the charge. Thanks to their efforts, companies like Loophole can safely run user-submitted code in their own infrastructure, and this represents a new phase in how developers think about APIs and SaaS extensibility.”
Shivansh Vij, founder Loophole Labs

See what Atmo has to offer

A full walk-through of Atmo with RawKode

Quick setup

We walk through setting up Atmo and building your first application

Deep dive

See all of Atmo's capabilities including best-practices and our future roadmap.


Supporting our Open Source work

Suborbital is not currently looking for sponsors, donations, or patrons. 

Testing, filing issues, contributing code or docs, and especially building projects using our frameworks is hugely helpful.

We have a community mentorship program that you can join if you're looking to learn or level up skills related to cloud native development.

If you can, donate to causes dedicated to Black and Indigenous people, the LGBTQ+ community, or your local homeless shelter. We don't need it, they do. Be kind, be safe.

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