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Helping you build cloud native applications that are powerful, but never complicated.

Introducing Atmo, an open source web service framework that uses functions written in your favorite languages to build powerful applications. A declarative format lets you build your app with no boilerplate code. Modern tooling compiles your code to WebAssembly and makes it easy to deploy using bundles. Alpha.

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    Other projects

    Atmo is built on these building blocks, each a powerful library in their own right:

    Vektor is the API framework to rule them all. Secure by default. Little to no boilerplate. Fast as hell. Beta.

    Grav is the communication muscle for your distributed system. Decentralized, very lightweight, and built for scaling systems. Grav is a messaging mesh that helps you stay on top of your traffic. Beta.

    Reactr brings a hugely scalable function scheduler to your system. Serverless? Functions as a Service? Data pipelines? Bring it on. Built for a future based on WebAssembly. Beta.

    Check out a live demo of Atmo on RawKode Live!

    About me

    My name is Connor, I'm from Ottawa 🇨🇦, and I build Suborbital. By day, I lead product discovery at 1Password. Building web services is more crucial than ever, and there are endless ways to go about doing it. I built Suborbital to create a foundation for a newer, simpler way of building server software. I want to hear what you think, so click on my name to reach out on Twitter, or click the project names above to open an issue. ❤️

    Suborbital is not currently looking for sponsors, donations, or patrons. If you wish to help the project, then testing, filing issues, contributing code or docs, or just trying it out is massively helpful. If you can, donate to causes dedicated to Black and Indigenous people, the LGBTQ+ community, or your local homeless shelter. I don't need it, they do. Be kind, be safe.