Build cloud native software that's ready for anything.

Our OSS frameworks help you build software faster, without compromising on security, performance, or developer experience. Create a production-class web service in under 5 minutes, and get it deployed fast.

Powerful, but never complicated.

Build server APIs faster and never write boilerplate again using Atmo, or build something custom using our OSS scheduling and mesh frameworks.

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    Batteries included

    Atmo is an open source server API framework that uses functions written in your favorite languages to build powerful applications. A declarative format lets you build your app with no boilerplate code. Modern tooling compiles your code to WebAssembly and makes it easy to deploy using bundles.

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    Next-generation function scheduler

    Run workloads of any size. Reactr is the core function scheduler powering Atmo. Manage Go and WebAssembly workloads such as FaaS, Machine Learning, data pipelines, and more.

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    A mesh like no other

    Grav connects your Go applications to a variety of networking and discovery capabilities to power async meshed communication. Scaling your application becomes easy and seamless.

Want to go further? Let anyone customize your product using serverless functions.

Suborbital Flight Deck builds on top of Atmo and lets your users run serverless functions right within your SaaS product to build powerful integrations and event-driven workflows.

See Atmo in action

A full walk-through of what Atmo is capable of with RawKode

Quick setup

We walk through setting up Atmo and building your first application

Deep dive

See all of Atmo's capabilities including best-practices and our future roadmap.

Suborbital Launch Pad brings you infrequent project updates, and some fun links too.

Supporting the project

Suborbital is not currently looking for sponsors, donations, or patrons. 

Testing, filing issues, contributing code or docs, and especially building projects using our frameworks is hugely helpful.

We have a community mentorship program that you can join if you're looking to learn or level up skills related to cloud native development.

If you can, donate to causes dedicated to Black and Indigenous people, the LGBTQ+ community, or your local homeless shelter. We don't need it, they do. Be kind, be safe.

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