Transform your product into an extensible platform

Give your users access to serverless functions that feel like a native part of your product experience. Build a developer ecosystem by turning your SaaS application into a developer-friendly platform.

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How does it work?

  • 1. Install Flight Deck
    Up and running in your cloud provider quickly.
  • 2. Let users write code
    Using the built-in code editor or GitHub integration.
  • 3. Run it inside your app
    You choose how their code integrates with your product using Flight Deck's API.
Early access is now available to select teams.

GitHub integration and Code editor built in.

Flight Deck includes a brand-able code editor that embeds right into your application, and a GitHub integration to use code from your users' repos. They can build and test their code easily with low friction.

Open a wide world of use-cases.

Extensions. Apps. Themes. Workflows. Anything is possible.

  • Give developers what they want

    Adding a serverless platform to your product enables developers to build more powerful integrations and take full advantage of your product.

  • Build community

    Let your users build on your product in ways you never imagined by giving them the power of code built right into your application.

  • Embrace serverless

    Your users want flexibility to integrate your product into their workflows without building infrastructure. Empower them with serverless capabilities.

Fully integrated, faster.

Your users will be able to build on top of your service more easily, with fewer technical hurdles.

  • Augment or replace webhooks

    Don't force your customers to build infrastucture and write boilerplate code just to handle events from your platform. Run it for them instead.

  • Code editor built in

    Flight Deck includes an embeddable code editor that you can customize with your brand. Your users can build their functions without leaving your app! It feels right at home.

  • Lower latency, higher security

    Running functions within your infrastructure ensures that your users' data isn't transmitted over the internet (and doesn't suffer from its latency)

  • GitHub integration

    If your users prefer to keep their code in GitHub, Flight Deck will ensure it remains up-to-date with continuous integration and testing.

  • Familiar languages

    Developers can build on top of your product using languages they love like TypeScript, Go, Rust, and more.

  • Just add storage

    Flight Deck fully manages the storage and administration of your users' functions so you can focus on building your product.

  • Capability sandbox

    Ensure the functions that your users build have access to exactly what they need to build their integrations, nothing more.

  • Custom developer API

    Our tooling allows you to quickly create custom APIs for your developers to gain full access to your product using their functions.

Set up in hours, not weeks.

Flight Deck is a serverless platform that can be installed on your cloud provider easily. It automatically manages and scales an Atmo cluster to run your users' code. 

Run your users' functions on top of your app using our simple code libraries. You have full control over what your users' code is allowed to access.

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Security not optional.

Running untrusted code is daunting, but the security properties of WebAssembly make it easy to provide useful capabilities without compromising your infrastructure.

  • Secure Capability Sandbox
    Everything needed to build powerful customizations.
  • Security Best Practices
    Ensure your users and your infrastructure remain safe.
  • Tight Language Integrations
    Secure execution of TypeScript, Go, and more.

Request Early Access

We are inviting companies to get early access to Flight Deck so we can ensure the platform supports the wide variety of use-cases and features you want to build. Help us refine Flight Deck, and you'll get a year for free.
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