Serverless functions to power data pipelines

Data comes in every shape and size imaginable. You can give greater control to your customers without sacrificing security or performance.

Suborbital Compute for Data

Serverless functions are the perfect addition to any data pipeline product.
  • Transform
    Your users can write complex data transforms in just a few lines of code. It doesn't get much simpler - they get data as input, choose how to transform it, and return data as output.
  • Scrub
    Ensure harmful data doesn't end up somewhere it shouldn't - scrubbing data is important for compliance, GDPR, and more. Nothing guarantees safe data like code you can write yourself.
  • Alert
    Your users' code can detect anomalies and raise the alarm at any point in the pipeline to quarantine data, send alerts to various channels using external APIs, and ensure issues don't go unnoticed.
In case you were wondering, Suborbital Compute is a serverless engine that runs your users' code securely, inside your application.
Designing the perfect data pipeline can't be done with off-the-shelf configuration. Each one is unique.

Suborbital allows your users to take control - with code

Every step of a pipeline is unique, and nothing is more expressive than code. Users can write serverless functions that run in your infrastructure to get full control over data transformations, logical flow, and more.
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Public beta now available

Suborbital Compute is ready to power up your application, and we want to help! Get started below, and let us know what you think.