Your event-driven API, customized by your users

Applications produce an unimaginable number of events that can be harnessed by developers to create meaningful integrations and workflows.

Suborbital Compute for Events

Serverless functions are the perfect addition to any event driven product
  • Handle
    Your users can write custom logic to be executed when events are generated - and it runs directly within your product.
  • Integrate
    Allow your users to harness what would otherwise be an internal-only event, and allow them to integrate anything in your product with the other SaaS products and APIs in their workflows.
  • Alert
    Your users' code can decide which events are anomalies and take action - without needing any custom development. Their code can send alerts and determine how to react.
In case you were wondering, Suborbital Compute is a cloud native extension engine that runs your users' code securely, inside your application.
Event-driven applications are the gold standard of SaaS - let your users take them to the next level with code that reacts exactly how they need it to.

Suborbital allows your users to take control - with code

Every event is unique, and nothing is more expressive than code. Users can write serverless functions that run in your infrastructure to get full control over event handling, integrations, and more.
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Suborbital Compute is free while in beta

Suborbital Compute is ready to give your users the power and flexibility of code. Help them build powerful integrations and workflows directly inside your application