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Get in the sandbox.

The Suborbital Extension Engine runs on E2 Core, an open source plugin server that connects with any application to execute sandboxed user-defined functions. Powered by WebAssembly.

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Lightweight tools. Heavy lifting. Plugins for any application.

We want to make developers’ lives easier and their applications more flexible. We created E2 Core, a plugin server that pairs any application with infinitely scalable modules of user-defined code. E2 Core supports any framework, any cloud architecture, and is designed to harness the power of the edge (if you want it to).

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Suborbital enables applications to have powerful extensibility without compromising security. Its capabilities-driven architecture, built around the WebAssembly sandbox, ensures that user-supplied code only gets the least amount of privilege it needs. It's a safe and secure way to empower customers and partners so they can quickly take new solutions to market - on your platform.

Mrinal Wadhwa


Call it like you wrote it.

Polyglot power

Take advantage of WebAssembly’s language-agnostic bytecode and run user code as if it's your own, no matter what language they used.

Zero config bliss

E2 Core needs zero configuration by default, but includes a straightforward declarative API when you need to get fancy.

Connect and go

Easily connect user code to the external data sources it needs to get the job done, without worrying about access control.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist… but you’ll feel like one

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Load plugins

Power up your application by loading user-defined plugins written in their favorite programming languages.

Partner up

E2 Core runs user code seamlessly as if it were part of your codebase. Let your users extend and customize your application with the power of code.

Empower developers everywhere

Selectively grant plugins access to external resources like the network, caches, databases, files, and more (with secure authorization).

End-to-end plugin system.

  • Support for JavaScript/TypeScript, Go, Rust, and more

  • Extensive SDK for building dynamic plugin functionality

  • Securely sandboxed to protect against malicious code

  • Connect to NATS, Redis, Kafka, HTTP, GraphQL, PostreSQL, and MySQL.

  • Fully open source, Apache-2.0 licensed.

  • Get Started
Get Started

Friction-free and future-proof.

Capability-based security

Extension Engine your application’s logic using a set of secure capabilities granted to WebAssembly’s controlled sandbox.

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Handle feature requests without lifting a finger

E2 Core can build plugin systems, extension platforms, data pipelines, webhook engines, and more.

Zero-effort meshing

E2 Core autoscales to handle your app’s traffic load, creating a mesh to share and allocate resources intelligently while scaling down to zero.

We at Synadia and the entire NATS.io ecosystem are watching closely the technologies and companies that will help drive this next wave, and Suborbotal's platform, along with their Sat edge module, are ones to watch.

Derek Collison, Founder & CEO


Extension EngineFor SaaS Extensibility

Extension Engine

For SaaS Extensibility

The brains and the brawn.

E2 Core is the technology behind Suborbital Extension Engine, a serverless engine making it possible for developers to customize and extend SaaS products by writing code that runs inside apps they love.

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E2 Core is open source, free, and collaborative.

Become a Contributor

E2 Core improves with the support of many. Testing, filing issues, and contributing docs or code are hugely helpful. Above all, we are grateful for the innovative efforts of developers like you using E2 Core to build your own projects.

If you’re excited about the future of WebAssembly, cloud native computing, or the developer experience in enterprise tech, please consider contributing your time and skills to our open source projects.

Rooted in open source

Our open source projects are the building blocks behind Suborbital Extension Engine.


Sat is a tiny but mighty edge server for WebAssembly enabling globally distributed compute.

  • Zero dependency

  • Fast as hell

  • Very lightweight

  • Our latest experiment

Learn More About Sat


Subo is a command-line interface that helps make developing Wasm plugins simple.

  • Simple development workflow

  • Works with many languages and Suborbital’s APIs

Learn More About Subo

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