We believe building powerful, flexible cloud applications should be easy - and even fun.

That's "why we build" at Suborbital

Suborbital is home to the Extension Engine, whose goal is to bring about a step change in the utility of SaaS apps. Our platform and SDKs optimize WebAssembly’s incredible potential, providing a simple and secure solution for application developers to run untrusted, user-submitted plugins.

APIs, webhooks, and CLIs are all useful tools to interact with modern software, but we believe there's a better way to get the most out of the applications we build. Making software programmable means allowing a user to become a partner, and Suborbital helps by letting you run untrusted user-submitted code while maintaining your peace of mind.

Meet the humans
of Suborbital

ConnorFounder, CEO
DanDirector of Developer Relations
OscarDirector of Engineering
DaniMechanical keyboard enthusiast and friend of many cats.
DylanDevOps Engineer
FlakiDevEx Engineer
GaborSoftware Engineer
LauraTechnical Writer
NyahSoftware Engineer, Tech Abolitionist, Advocate
RamónOSS DevRel, Developer Education
TarynSoftware Engineer & Developer Advocate

Backed by amazing investors

Amplify Partners
Seed Round Lead Investor
Jason Warner
VC @ Redpoint, formerly CTO @ GitHub
Tyler McMullen
CTO @ Fastly
Sri Viswanath
CTO @ Atlassian
Vijay Gill
SVP @ RapidAPI, formerly Twilio
Jonathan Beri
Founder @ Golioth
Mac Reddin
Founder @ Commsor
Iheanyi Ekechukwu
Developer @ PlanetScale

Rooted in open source

Our open source projects are the building blocks behind Suborbital Extension Engine.

E2 Core

E2 Core is the open-source project behind Suborbital Extension Engine and a powerful plugin server.

  • End-to-end plugin server

  • Sandboxed ecurity by default

  • Infinitely scalable

  • Zero config

Learn More About E2 Core


Sat is a tiny but mighty edge server for WebAssembly enabling globally distributed compute.

  • Zero dependencies

  • Fast as hell

  • Very lightweight

Learn More About Sat


Subo is a command-line interface that helps make developing Wasm plugins simple.

  • Simple development workflow

  • Works with many languages and Suborbital’s APIs

Learn More About Subo

In the future, all software will be easy to extend.

Speed and security will be a given. Scalability will be infinite. And DX will be #1.

Suborbital makes it possible.

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