Cloud native will never be the same

Atmo is an open source next-generation server application environment that uses the unique properties of WebAssembly to help you build delightful apps that are scalable, secure, and easy to deploy.
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"As the edge begins to dominate how we experience and interact with cloud computing, businesses need to embrace new methods to innovate at the edge. Many workloads are simply too heavy or just not portable to be moved to an edge deployment. I believe Wasm will be the dominant workload for Edge, IOT and Industry 4.0. As history has proven, when the unit of deployment changes, new technologies rise to drive the ecosystem growth. We at Synadia and the entire ecosystem are watching closely the technologies and companies that will help drive this next wave, and Suborbotal's Atmo platform, along with their Sat edge module, are ones to watch."
Derek Collison, creator of NATS

Supporting our Open Source work

Suborbital is not currently looking for sponsors, donations, or patrons. 

Testing, filing issues, contributing code or docs, and especially building projects using our frameworks is hugely helpful.

We have a community mentorship program that you can join if you're looking to learn or level up skills related to cloud native development.

If you can, donate to causes dedicated to Black and Indigenous people, the LGBTQ+ community, or your local homeless shelter. We don't need it, they do. Be kind, be safe.

The brains of the operation

Atmo is the technology powering Suborbital Compute, a serverless engine that lets developers customize and extend your product by writing code that runs inside your app.